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Today, students are under a great deal of pressure to succeed academically. University entrance requirements have created a very competitive environment. Why not help alleviate some of these pressures by letting the teachers at LUV 2 TUTOR design a personal tutorial program to meet today’s educational expectations? Our tutors are skilled education professionals and have many years experience addressing the needs of York Region students just like yours.

Why choose LUV 2 TUTOR?

LUV 2 TUTOR has been associated with a high level of quality and professionalism. That’s largely because of our outstanding tutors in the York Region area of Ontario. We strive to help our community and to continuously improve the personalized services we provide.

We tutor on an individual or group basis. Tutoring is offered in English, French, mathematics, and science from grades 1 to 12 as well as at the university level.

Tutoring can take place in your home (anywhere in York Region) or at the tutor’s home.

CALL NOW! Don’t wait for another disappointing grade!

What people have to say about LUV 2 TUTOR:

“If you’re looking for a supportive, knowledgeable and friendly tutor, Marty from LUV 2 TUTOR is the tutor! Marty has a way of making hard subjects like Math and Physics become easy. I’m extremely grateful to have had his help. I know for a fact my grade 12 Advanced Functions and grade 12 Physics mark certainly wouldn’t be nearly as high if it wasn’t for him. Not only did Marty give me the help and support I needed, but his never-faltering positive attitude and good humour also made me actually enjoy doing math! I would definitely highly recommend him and LUV 2 TUTOR!”

Jasmine, Markham, ON

“I reached out to Marty at LUV 2 TUTOR a few years ago when my teenage son fell behind in high school math. Marty, as the head of Mathematics at a York Region high school, knew the curriculum extremely well and helped my son get back on track. He spent time mentoring him and set up weekly tutoring sessions at my home. After the first month, I saw improvement in grades, a strengthened self confidence and positive energy in my son. I am so thankful that I chose to work with LUV 2 TUTOR! I hired them again last year to tutor my grade 7 daughter! As a parent, I have always felt that the tutors at LUV 2 TUTOR have shared my children’s progress with me, and were open to my input as well. I have strongly recommended LUV 2 TUTOR to my many friends and family members.”

Ms. Singh, Richmond Hill, ON

“I’ve worked at Luv 2 Tutor in the past and absolutely loved the owners and the company’s overall direction! Not only did I feel valued but also respected and appreciated. I found the Directors of Education, Marty and Tammy, compassionate, professional, flexible and very knowledgeable when speaking with clients. I witnessed first hand how their programs changed the lives of their students. I highly recommend LUV 2 TUTOR to any parent and/or student that requires supplemental academic support as LUV 2 TUTOR customizes their program material according to their students’ need.”

David, Newmarket, ON

Summer Time Advantage Program

Could your son or daughter benefit from a summer time program that would create an advantage for the start of school in September?

LUV 2 TUTOR is pleased to announce the summer time Advantage Program for students experiencing difficulties with mathematics. Our Advantage Program offers students the unique opportunity to start the academic year with a firm understanding of the material in the following Ministry of Education approved mathematics courses;

– Grade 9-12 mathematics

During the months of July and August, students will have the option of attending a 90 minute morning or evening class two or three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday). Classes will be limited to six students but could be as small as three. Our Advantage Program will run at the students’ pace. Any required knowledge that might not be thoroughly understood from previous grades will be retaught.

Students who enroll and prepay by June 10th will receive their first session free. Classes will run from July 3rd to August 22nd and will be taught by experienced teachers currently employed by the York Region District School Board. These skilled education professionals are also available NOW for tutoring in English, French, mathematics, and science on an individual or group basis.

Become a Tutor

LUV 2 TUTOR is currently looking for specialized tutors in English, French, mathematics, and science. If interested, and have the proper qualifications (i.e you are a OCT, are a graduate student or are currently in unviersity), please contact us using the form below and please include pertinent highlights of your resume in the message section.

LUV 2 TUTOR wants to hear from you! Please contact us for more information by calling 905-883-5301 or with this email form:

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